Transcript: In Europe, In Work

Nick Clegg

Are you IN or are you OUT? That's the real question at stake at the European elections on May 22nd.

UKIP wants to take Britain OUT of the European Union – even though that would wreck the recovery and destroy jobs.  The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit.

And the Labour party, well, they just don’t have the courage of their convictions on this – they wouldn’t lift a finger to help keep Britain IN the EU.

So I am asking you to vote for the Liberal Democrats – the party of IN.  

IN for the sake of British prosperity and jobs.

Mark Clark

I’m IN because we set the global standards for shipping for the world. 95% of everything we use, we eat, we heat ourselves in, comes in by sea. Our main competitor, and our market, is in Europe, so we have to remain one and the same.

Nick Clegg

OUT means fewer jobs. OUT makes it harder to catch criminals that cross our borders. OUT means we can’t work with our neighbours to tackle climate change. OUT mean we just pull up the drawbridge and turn our backs on the world.

Kavya Kaushik

I’m IN because as a student I get opportunities to access funding through the EU on an Erasmus grant and through that I can study abroad in France – I’m going today.

And I get to study with people from all over the world, and that’s all thanks to the EU

Nick Clegg

IN Europe means being IN work. IN means working with other European countries to keep our streets safer and to protect our environment. IN means standing tall in the world because we stand tall in our own backyard.

Gavin Jones

I’m IN for me, I’m IN for my business, and I’m IN for my children. Europe is key to us, it’s our growth market. When we sell to a customer in the EU, it’s simple. We’re not going to get a customs charge. It’s just like selling to the UK

Nick Clegg

If you’re for IN, make yourself heard. Don’t wait for a General Election, don’t wait for a referendum. Don't let anyone put jobs at risk. And don’t let anyone throw our recovery away.

Let’s keep Britain prosperous, safe and strong. Be for IN. Vote Liberal Democrat.

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