Spending Round 2013: Delivering a Stronger Economy and a Fairer Society

The Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society, enabling every person in Britain to get on in life.

Today’s [Wednesday] Spending Round delivers Liberal Democrat priorities on investment and improving our public services while making responsible choices to deal with the financial problems Labour left us.

Our number one priority in Government is to fix the economic mess we inherited from Labour. We will continue to be firm in our commitment to tackling the deficit, but fair in the way we go about it.

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander said:

“Our economy is starting to recover. The deficit is down by a third, 1.3m private sector jobs have been created, and by keeping interest rates low we have helped businesses and homeowners across the country. We still have a long way to go.

“But the Liberal Democrats are committed to finishing the task, creating jobs and making Britain’s economy strong again.”

This is a Spending Round that shows the Liberal Democrats are committed to building a stronger economy:

  • Reducing the deficit
  • An extra £18bn for major job creation projects
  • Long-term investment in science

And it shows our commitment to building a fairer society too:

  • Protecting the NHS, schools and international aid budgets
  • £2bn for local health and social care 
  • Intensive help for 400,000 troubled families

For more information, read Danny Alexander’s article for Lib Dem Voice.

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  • commented 2013-10-13 07:29:02 +0100
    I’m counting on the LibDems to be the voice of reason in the changeover to Universal Credit. People many of them disabled are going to be in serious trouble unless fairness and common sense come into play.
  • commented 2013-08-05 19:45:53 +0100
    One vital factors which can support the recovery is the opening of every profession to foreign born. From my own research it appears that British born like immigrants to do the unwanted jobs only to keep their well paid job position for themselves. Also we have a miserable anti-immigrant party gaining consensus…very sad for a Country who is willing to show his wellness to the World.
  • commented 2013-07-31 22:44:47 +0100
    You say you inherited this economic mess from labour, but unemployment rose from the economic crisis after a decade lull DURING the labour ministry. One can easily find sources that show this;


    It seems to me like more Labour bashing when in actual fact the banks and multinational tax dodgers are the key factors that gave rise to the “crisis” we’re in now, and are possibly leading us into more mess. Additionally, if you see the evidence in the above link, it is clear that the highest unemployment in the past two or three decades came towards the end of the conservative ministry under M. Thatcher, and lets not forget you are sharing your power with the conservatives now. Then after J. Major’s abysmal effort T. Blair was up and he brought unemployment down and kept it down. I don’t like him, but that’s what happened.

    Another thing; how much leverage do you have to “protect the NHS”, as you say above? Thankfully Lewisham hospital won a landmark case against Jeremy Hunt, who was shown to have broken the law, today as a result of people power under legal financial support thanks to 38Degrees members, sadly not any direct government help.

    To be fair, I’ve checked your google map, under “in your area”, around Sheffield and investment does look promising in some cases. As a physicist I was particularly interested in your investments in Crosspool about the Nuclear Industry. I think this technology and advanced manufacturing in general will be very promising if they’re not overlooked. I firmly believe we should be considering Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors for they use abundant fuel, produce ZERO waste or proliferation risk and are inherently safe;


    If we give up solid nuclear fuels for liquid fuels we can solve so many problems, from all this fracking nonsense to the whole fossil fuel problem. See the Thorium Energy Alliance;


    I really hope this million jobs project goes well and many more apprenticeships are created, which labour did let us down on. I think that the Lib Dems aren’t able to shine as bright as they should in the shadow of a conservative coalition partner. The 2015 elections will be interesting but I suggest you distance yourself from the conservative government; it does your image little good.

    Good luck
  • commented 2013-07-27 17:05:14 +0100
    Even under the terrible pressure of the economic downturn, the Lib Dems have not forgotten that our society will only prosper if it becomes a more equal society. The wider the divide between rich and poor, educated and given up on, the greater the negative attitudes between the two sections, the “haves” and the “taken away froms.”

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