Secretary of State for Scotland on remarks by President Barroso

Commenting on the remarks by the President of the European Commission, Scottish Secretary Michael Moore said:

‘The Commission President's comments are not surprising. We have said for some time that if Scotland were to leave the UK the most likely is that it would need to seek EU membership on newly negotiated terms while the rest of the UK would continue as a member state.
‘That would mean Scotland needing to negotiate from a position of weakness, with all the implications that would have for agriculture, fisheries, and the economy. These are risks we do not face as part of the UK, a current, large and influential member.
‘And there is a bigger lesson here: the Scottish Government's assertions on this issue have been exposed. This debate must be based on robust evidence and fact. Our view has been based on legal and academic evidence while their position has been based on nothing.  That is why we are where we are.’
Mr Moore was speaking from Washington DC at the start of a three day visit to the USA and Canada. Photographs of Mr Moore in Washington will be available shortly.

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