Revitalising the Rural Economy

Liberal Democrat Conference today [Saturday] passed Revitalising the Rural Economy, which sets out a clear Liberal Democrat vision to build thriving rural communities.

The motion calls for:
  • Investment in rural high-speed broadband
  • Fair trade for British farmers, through a more transparent market and further reform of the Common Agricultural Policy
  • A sustainable rural jobs fund
Commenting, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Food, Rural Affairs and the Environment, Roger Williams said:
“Rural communities can and should be thriving and vibrant places but in reality, that’s not the case everywhere. Our rural communities face many issues from unemployment to high housing and energy prices.
“Liberal Democrats want to support these communities because they add to the diversity of Britain and form a vital part of our society. The Coalition Government has already done much to support them, such as ending the Council Tax discount for second homes and the Grocery Code Adjudicator.
“We want to do more to build sustainable rural communities with strong local economies, where everyone can get on. Through investing in broadband, reforming European agricultural policies, joined-up local transport policies and creating more affordable housing, Liberal Democrat Conference has endorsed a clear vision for the future of rural communities.”

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