Protecting the most vulnerable

Liberal Democrat Conference today [Saturday] passed Justice in Social Security Tribunals, which notes the important role Social Security Tribunals play in ensuring the welfare system works fairly.

Commenting, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Work and Pensions, Greg Mulholland said:
“Liberal Democrats are committed to creating a fairer society. We want to ensure that those people who need help through the benefit system receive proper support and, if things go wrong, have access to justice.
“That is why Liberal Democrats in Government have been fighting hard to ensure that the Government accepted the recommendations of the independent review of Employment and Support Allowance. These changes are already meaning that more disability benefit decisions are being got right first time.
“There is of course more to do, and we also need to make sure that the difficult decisions we are taking to cut the deficit, including changes to legal aid, do not have an adverse effect on disabled people. It is vital the Government continues to monitor these changes and to protect vulnerable people.”

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