Prosperous, Sustainable and Secure

Liberal Democrats today passed the policy Prosperous, Sustainable and Secure asserting Britain’s place in Europe.

The European Union has been a force for the promotion of peace, prosperity and democratic values in Europe.
Membership of the EU is in the United Kingdom’s national interest playing a vital role in delivering a stronger economy in a fairer society.
Membership of the EU provides Britain with the collective strength to promote our values and advance our interests around the world.
Key proposals include:
  • Delivering a more prosperous Europe through deepening the single market, supporting innovation and competiveness and promoting international trade
  • Working together to tackle environmental degradation and climate change and ensuring greater sustainability
  • Committing the Liberal Democrats to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU  
Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP Martin Horwood, co-chair on international affairs said:
“We now need to move the debate on the referendum on from the minutiae of the timing and technicalities to the real question: are you for the UK being in or out? 
“Today the Liberal Democrats gave our answer loud and clear. For jobs, for the fight against cross-border crime, for the environment, we’re in. 
“The Prime Minister has said ‘it depends’ and nobody knows what Ed Miliband really thinks. The time has come for them to get off the fence on Europe and answer the question: in or out?”

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