Liberal Democrats ending DNA database for innocent people

Commenting on the news that today, the first of several million DNA samples were sent for destruction in line with the Coalition Government’s commitment to clear innocent people from the DNA database, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Parliamentary Party Committee, Julian Huppert said:

“In a fair society it is simply not right that innocent people can have their DNA stored by the state. 
“That is why Liberal Democrats are restoring basic rights to millions of people.
“Under Labour, the Government collected the DNA of millions of people who had done absolutely nothing wrong. From children to witnesses, British citizens DNA was collected and stored.
“Astonishingly, the Labour Party still think it’s right that the Government should hold such personal information, even if you’ve done nothing wrong.
“DNA is critical for police investigations, but only suspects and those convicted should be profiled. That’s why this month, following the Liberal Democrat-led Protection of Freedoms Act, the Coalition Government will begin destroying six million unnecessary DNA records.”

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