Letter from the Leader: Call Clegg - behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Nick Clegg's weekly phone-in with Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio.

Dear member,

I hope you’re having an enjoyable summer so far and getting some time to relax, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy time with family and friends.

This week I was back on LBC for my regular radio phone in show ‘Call Clegg’. I really enjoy doing it, and like the many town hall meetings I also do, it’s a great way to speak directly to the public.

Our party has always led the way in finding new ways to communicate with people. I'm constantly looking at different means to bring our politics alive beyond the stale rituals of the Westminster village.

LBC’s listener numbers have increased by almost a third since I started. I’d like to think I played a small part in this, but co-host Nick Ferarri has other ideas.


See for yourself here, with a short video from behind the scenes at this week’s show.

Remember, you don’t have to be in London to listen. The show will start again after a short August break, so I hope you can tune in.

All the best.


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