Internal investigation into the conduct of Lord Rennard

In February 2013 the Regional Parties Committee (RPC) of the English Party initiated a case against Lord Rennard under the disciplinary process in the English Membership Rules, for bringing the party into disrepute in connection with the Channel 4 news broadcast.

The RPC appointed a panel of five members to investigate the charge to be chaired by Alistair Webster QC.

The process was temporarily suspended while the police investigated whether to bring criminal charges. 

Following the decision by the police today not to prosecute Lord Rennard with a criminal offence, the Party’s disciplinary process will now resume.

The Party considers the allegations made against Lord Rennard, which he strenuously denies, to be extremely serious.

We would encourage anyone who has information that could be relevant to the inquiry to get in touch via Jeanne Tarrant <> or through our independent whistle-blower hotline, run by Public Concern at Work, on 020 7404 6609.

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