Gordon Birtwistle calls for 'real' Apprentice show

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle has written to the man in charge of the BBC asking for the chance to film a documentary on ‘real apprentices’.

The Liberal Democrat, a government apprenticeship ambassador, said Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice was ‘a lot of self-promoting junk’.

Mr Birtwistle spoke out after Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, told a national newspaper that the prime-time BBC show gave a ‘completely false impression’ of apprenticeships.

He said he had written twice to Lord Hall, the corporation’s director general, with the offer of an alternative series set in Lancashire.

Read the full article here.

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  • commented 2014-01-05 02:53:29 +0000
    Hi, I would like to point out that the BBC is doing at least one more disfavour to the appreticeship scheme in addition to the rather farcical “young apprentice” series. It seems to me that the million odd jobs missing for young people is balanced up by the million or so people still in full time work who are over retirement age. These retirement-age people could in my opinion be offered an incentive to take retirement (with pension) by an offer of an extra money incentive by their company if they were to help an apprentice in their workplace, thus staying in touch with their work and passing on their skills. The wages would thus be shared between pensioner and apprentice and a job would have been created. The BBC should definitely take a lead in this by sacking its over-age employees at least into the background in favour of new blood! A couple of people spring to mind, the most obvious being Sir Bruce Forsyth who has now missed several shows due to being indisposed and though I have appreciated his talents for many years, would now far prefer to see someone younger in charge and for the BBC to move on! How can we “have our cake and eat it” ie. find room for all these over-age people in the jobs market when we still have youth unemployment?

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