Getting rid of the failed UKBA

Commenting on the Home Secretary’s announcement on the restructuring of the UK Border Agency, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Home Affairs, Julian Huppert said:

“For years the UK Border Agency has failed to get control of immigration and asylum. Labour put the whole border control operation at arm’s length: they ended exit checks and pushed control of our borders away from the Home Office. But they had a backlog of hundreds of thousands of people – they completely lost control of the system.

“After years of neglect the Coalition Government has recognised the scale of the problem and is getting rid of the failed UK Border Agency. I hope this change will begin to get to grips with the immense backlog we face.

“When the agency responsible for immigration – established by Labour – can’t say who is actually in the country, and who should or should not be here, it is no wonder that immigration remains one for the public’s biggest concerns. To fix this, Lib Dems have always argued you have to have a proper enforcement agency and exit checks, and that’s what the Coalition is doing.

“Building a fairer society means making sure everyone plays by the rules. That means an immigration system that works for those who should be here, and acts against those who shouldn’t. Today’s announcement is a big step towards that.”

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