Every child should be taught by a qualified teacher

Liberal Democrat Conference today [Saturday] passed Every Child Taught by an Excellent Teacher, which reaffirms the Liberal Democrat commitment to excellence in teaching.

The motion calls for:

  •  All teachers, including those in academies and free schools, to have appropriate qualifications
  •  More freedom and autonomy for teachers backed up by strong accountability
  • Clear guidance for schools on performance management

Commenting, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Education, Dan Rogerson said:

"Every child should be taught by a qualified teacher, or someone working towards a teaching qualification. Parents quite rightly want to see high standards and professional staff in all schools, including academies and free schools.

 “Excellent teaching is the best way to make sure all children achieve their full potential. We are lucky to have many outstanding teachers. I want us to celebrate the best teachers, while urgently helping the small minority of underperforming teachers to improve.

“Supporting qualified teachers, while giving more freedom in the classroom to tailor lessons to individual children, sends a clear signal that Liberal Democrats want to raise the prestige of the teaching profession. This will help attract more of the brightest graduates and most inspirational people into the classroom.”

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