Dignity at Home: Transforming Home Care

Liberal Democrats today passed Dignity at Home, a policy motion aimed at improving home care for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable.

The policy sets out proposals to ensure patients are treated by the best trained staff and to prevent abuse, bullying and harassment of home care staff and patients.
Key proposals include:
  • Ensuring staff training includes equality and diversity, interpersonal skills, dealing with dementia and customer care
  • Holding the Care Quality Commission to account for monitoring care and taking appropriate action when companies fail to meet standards
  • Ensuring local authorities commission care on the basis of outcomes, better care, improving people’s mobility, improving their health and well-being, rather than the current ‘race to the bottom’ in which standards of care are inevitably compromised
 Commenting, Minister for Health and Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb said:
“The Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life. That’s why I am working to make sure people get better care.
“We are introducing fundamental care standards and a new Chief Inspector of Care, and improving accountability for care home bosses. I am continuing to challenge providers to get better care whether you are in a hospital, a care home, or your own home.”

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