Cycling Reform

Liberal Democrats today passed Cycling Reform a policy motion setting out the party’s plan to boost cycling in the UK.

Cycling is not only an efficient mode of transport, it also has direct benefits to health and wellbeing, and is good for the environment. 
Key proposals include: 
  • Creating a cycling budget of at least £10 per person per year, increasing to £20
  • A Government strategy to increase Bikeability cycle training course for people of all ages and backgrounds
  • An increase of priority traffic lights for cyclists
  • The inclusion of a cyclist safety section in the national driving test and cyclist awareness training for drivers of large vehicles
Commenting, Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert said:
“I am delighted that the Lib Dems are the first party to formally endorse the 'Get Britain Cycling' policy from the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, which I co-chair. Cycling is efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and fun, and the Liberal Democrats will continue to champion cycling and walking.”

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