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Commenting on today’s unemployment figures, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Work and Pensions, Greg Mulholland said:

“While it is disappointing that overall unemployment is up, it is good news that youth unemployment has fallen as that will be encouraging for young people who are looking for work.

“To build a stronger economy in a fairer society, Liberal Democrats have been focusing on giving young people the skills and experience necessary for a successful career.

“That is why Nick Clegg has introduced the £1bn Youth Contract that will ensure young people have the opportunity to earn or learn and Business Secretary Vince Cable has overseen the creation of more than 1m apprenticeships.

“We will continue to work hard to get more people in employment and build a stronger economy.”

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  • commented 2013-07-13 18:17:05 +0100
    I never get a reply from Nick, Danny or Vince. I guess I’m too unimportant. I’ve have suggested a simple way of helping growth but either nobody listens or else my message can’t get through the shield of helpers acting like stereotypical doctors’ receptionists.

    Fact: Tens of thousands of sole-traders in retail hide below the VAT threshold as it’s the only way they can compete with supermarkets. I have met many who do this, including some who use cash sales at warehouses to keep it off the books.

    Remedy: Raise the VAT threshold to £100k (Danny surely has access to the Treasury’s economic modelling software). Instead of being stifled, traders can expand and still compete and are more likely to take on staff.

    That’s real-life experience. I strongly doubt there are many businesses with turnover between £70k and £100k pa, so loss to the Treasury is far more likely to compensated by increased tax and employment.

    It doesn’t take legislation to implement – just the will to do it. It costs nothing to implement and costs businesses nothing either – just a new calculation when doing their returns.

    I doubt this with make me important enough to get a personal reply from Nick, Vince or Danny, but I live in hope.
  • commented 2013-07-10 00:16:59 +0100
    Benefit fraud is not a huge problem. It’s a small problem. Not many people are satisfied to live on sweet F.A.
    So to encourage hatred of anyone claiming any kind of benefit is awful, wrong and backward. Encouraging discrimination is backward. Create jobs, not hate.
  • commented 2013-07-08 21:45:58 +0100
    Anonymous you are being unfair. The Liberal Democrats have played a full part in the demonisation of the unemployed, along with the sick and disabled. I was a lifelong Liberal Democrat and before that, Libera Partyl, voter. I supported the idea of the coalition and even joined the party because of it. I will never vote for them again because of the complicity in the measures that they have taken to make the lives of those who have no choice but to depend on the benefits system. Having witnessed a young woman in the tribunal waiting room appealing an ATOS decision sobbing uncontrollably in the corner, repeating over and over, ‘Why are they doing this to me?’ the idea that a few people might be stopped from getting benefits they aren’t really entitled to is poor justification. The genuine claimants are no more responsible for benefit fraud or other people not wanting to work than honest taxpayers are for the sums lost to tax fraud and evasion, a sum incidentally which would pay the entire out of work benefit bill five times over, but you don’t hear taxpayers being demonised.
  • commented 2013-07-01 19:53:13 +0100
    But you haven’t done a thing about the demonization of job seekers. You haven’t batted an eye as people who’ve lost their jobs are treated as sub human scum. Racism, ageism and sexism are now taking second place to discriminating against the unemployed. Not all job seekers are skivers. Most of them are strivers with nothing to strive for.

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