Under 100 Days to stop UKIP

With less than days to go before the European Elections, the Liberal Democrats are the only party campaigning to keep Britain IN Europe.

Today, Nick Clegg has warned that if UKIP wins and takes us out of Europe, it would wreck the recovery and risk 3 million British jobs.

The Conservatives are flirting with exit from Europe and the Labour party cannot pluck up the courage to speak up. Only the Liberal Democrats are fighting to keep Britain IN Europe.

We're IN for the sake of 3 million jobs. We're IN so that we can work with our neighbours to tackle cross-border crime and fight climate change. We're IN because we know that Britain can only stand tall in the world if we stand tall in our own back yard.

Tell us why you are IN. 

The more people who shout about why they think Britain is better off IN Europe, the more chance we have of stopping UKIP.

Why are you IN?

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I think Britain is better off IN Europe because...

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  • @MorganRInwood tweeted link to this page. 2014-02-05 13:53:41 +0000
    I've just told people why I'm IN Europe. Why are you IN? #whyiamIN http://www.amillionjobs.org/in_europe?recruiter_id=212124
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-05 13:53:41 +0000
    I've just told people why I'm IN Europe. Why are you IN? #whyiamIN
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:52:56 +0000
    I am in because it is better now to be part of a larger world economy, but that does not mean that we should always just agree with changes to the rules nor allow additional migration on economic grounds. A strong liberal presence in the county wide elections is needed.
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:52:47 +0000
    it in the UK’s national interest to remain due to various for example the single market, speaking together as one voice on the world etc. The list is endless
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:52:45 +0000
    I was born in September 1939 when the Second World War began. Being in Europe preserves the peace and safeguards the future. The First and Second World Wars show how important this is.
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:44:53 +0000
    You can only influence the future direction of the EU if you have a seat at the table. Britain is a very effective and valued contributor to EU policy making. Why throw 40 years of diplomacy out of the window ?
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:41:53 +0000
    I am IN Europe because we are stronger united rather than divided. Co-operation rather than conflict. Prosperity rather than decline.
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:41:49 +0000
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:37:00 +0000
    We are so much stronger together. So many reasons including stronger for jobs, for the economy, for the environment and for our security.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-05 13:35:12 +0000
    I've just told people why I'm IN Europe. Why are you IN? #whyiamIN
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:34:02 +0000
    For European Court of Human Rights and the most liberal, fair, equality-oriented social system and structure
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:33:07 +0000
    Because I believe in working together, learning the lesson of two world wars, learning the lessons shown by Concorde / Airbus / Ariane / Eurostar, that working together means we are a world player.
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:30:34 +0000
    Education, opportunity, peace: all reasons why we should be proud to be part of a wider Europe that can innovate together, work together and make the world a better place. It’s bigger than one country, it’s bigger than one region: it is the only way to a safer, more liberal world where every child can live up to their potential. Count me IN!
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:30:31 +0000
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:25:20 +0000
    im in as i am a new start up buissnes.Scentsations.
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:22:22 +0000
    For all of the above mentioned reasons and I feel that business partners abroad will ‘overlook us’ as a valuable trading partner if we withdraw. from the EU as well as it is about time that we addopted the Euro and stopped being inwardlooking islanders’
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:06:18 +0000
    Because iUK retired and workers can spread their culture and bussines in whole Europe
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:04:08 +0000
    Only way to survive in a modern world is to be part of a large economic market
  • @martinpetts tweeted link to this page. 2014-02-05 13:01:23 +0000
    I've just told people why I'm IN Europe. Why are you IN? #whyiamIN http://www.amillionjobs.org/in_europe?recruiter_id=45186
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-05 13:01:23 +0000
    I've just told people why I'm IN Europe. Why are you IN? #whyiamIN
  • signed 2014-02-05 13:01:07 +0000
    I’m IN because free trade and freedom of movement makes the whole of Europe more prosperous.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:59:58 +0000
    I’m IN because collaborative research across Europe will drive our economy & society in the future
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:54:56 +0000
    I think the only real future we have is as europeans. We should be emphasising the commonality of our interests.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:54:15 +0000
    I’m in because in an increasingly global economy we need partners to have influence over our everyday lives.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:52:00 +0000
    People have the freedom to work in Europe, it broadens our horizons and it has helped to lessen the chance of another European war.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:51:33 +0000
    for my business selling to EU countries is just like selling in the UK, but selling to e.g. Norway, Switzerland or the USA, where shipments require customs clearance, is almost impossible for a small business like FotoInsight.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:43:43 +0000
    I am in Europe because it’s better to be in rather then out and try to reform Europe for the betterment of Gt Britain as a whole.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:42:39 +0000
    Better together. For all its flaws (waste, lax immigration controls, ridiculous edicts, etc.) it’s better to work inside the EU. In this centenary year of World War I we should remember the terrible European wars of the last century – the Common Market and then the EU arose from those experiences, and we haven’t had a full-scale war in Europe since.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:41:59 +0000
    For peace, prosperity & progress, in the UK, in Europe & around the world.
  • signed 2014-02-05 12:41:34 +0000
    Amazing to think that only 100 years ago we were starting the first of two terrible world wars centered in Europe. I’m in for the big picture working together and co-operating with our European neighbours for the good of all of us.

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